Bottomless Brunch Rules and Regulations

  • Reservations are recommended for brunches.
  • Please call 646-692-9259 to make reservations.
  • A credit card is needed to make a reservation. There is a $50 plus tax and  20%tip charge for a no call/no show party. However, there is no cancellation fee and reservation may be cancelled anytime before the day of the reservation.
  • Weekends have 4 seating times for the unlimited brunch; 11am, 12:45pm, 2:30pm, and 4:15pm.
  • The unlimited brunch is a 1.5 hour limit for each table.
  • Time starts at your reservation time not when your party is complete.
  • If no one from your party is present 15 minutes into your reservation time, the table will be promptly released.
  • We serve responsibly and have the right to refuse service to anyone in the party at the discretion of the server or bartender.
  • Must be 21 with a valid ID to participate in the unlimited brunch.
  • We do not offer separate checks
  • 20% gratuity is automatically added to each brunch check.
  • Individuals are responsible for any additional charges for orders and add-ons to the $35 brunch. Additional charges are indicated in the menu.
  • Last call will be 15 minutes before your time limit ends and 1 additional drink per person will be served as long as that person has finished their previous drink.
  • Check will be dropped at last call so that it may be settled up within the 1.5 hour time limit.
  • After your parties 1.5 hour limit has ended we will ask you to finish up promptly and show the guests waiting for the table the same courtesy shown to your party.
  • After your parties 1.5 hour limit is over if you would like to stay and continue to enjoy yourselves, we ask that you please move to the bar.

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